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Ten Years

Fuzzworthy: Steve Benjamins


In the era of laptop pop and bedroom studio setups, music production is more accessible and more diverse than ever before. But no amount of money nor patience can purchase pure talent. There’s an intangible brilliance and subtlety to the work of multi-instrumentalist Steve Benajamins; back with a brand new EP “Sightlines” due out May 15th. Fortunately for us music junkies, Benjamins has put two singles onto his Soundcloud in the past month, the title track being one of the most honest and raw vocal performances we’ve heard out of an artist this year. Consider this: your favorite pop stars rarely write their own music, or play their own instruments, and yet, they still don’t sound this good. The title track “Sightlines” is sopping wet and sultry, a minimalist slow-burn of genuine feel. There’s a naked honesty to Benjamins delivery, a palpable familiarity, the voice in your heart. It bleeds through his music. “Sightlines” is pure artistry for aficionados.

Give his soundcloud page a follow and catch the EP upon release.

SPOILER ALERT: Incredible.