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Ten Years

Lüthian – Around You


On the subject of sultry and sensual, our favorite West Coast songstress has returned with a new single “Around You”. With more than a few doses of Galimatias, Lüthian’s latest track is dripping with Ocean Floor Kisses. This is music for the mermaids of Atlantis, hazy and washed out, effortlessly polished by wave after wave. A siren’s call from the blue depths, “Around You” is chillwave at its finest, bass-heavy and chopped, punctuated by flawless pitch bends ala industry heavyweight Giraffage. Lüthian appears poised for stardom; when an artist has this much talent at their disposal it becomes an near inevitability. Keep your eyes ears and toes pointed in her direction over the next year, you might see her climb up the line-up ladder for a festival near you.

N’i lû tôl…