The New LoFi

Ten Years

Hello Old Friend! Nice to Meet you


Discovery. Not the channel. The all amazing feeling of chartering previously undiscovered territories. Re-discovery – the all amazing feeling of doing it all over again. It’s been said that smell is the strongest trigger of memories. I have to pipe up and say that for me, music triggers a whole hell of  lot. Recently, while working in Denver, I was out with a few friends and music that I havent heard in DECADES came flooding through speakers. So did the memories. Ah. Rediscovery.  Words can’t even begin to describe the joy i had. but if you listen to Words, by Missing Persons, you’ll either discover or rediscover as I did how fun music can be.

ALSO – to celebrate a great weekend in Denver, Check out some fine  snow/skate assault by Denver’s Own Marc Frank Montoya. Music by Penuckle.

This is the flipside. Over and Out.


[audio:|titles=Penuckle – Day Off]
Penuckle – Day Off