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Ten Years

Industry Tunesday

Life is filled with passions. Some of us follow those long paths filled with anticipation and patience with an end goal of making millions and finally partaking in them. I refuse to wait on the money or the time, I partake in my passions. I take pride in working in a night club. Where I am entombed in a constant party, music flows through my ears; each song triggering memories of times past. One day my memory will fade but not my love for music. These are the things that I consider myself passionate about: music, writing, and an occasional scotch. All three have a place in my routine and my day to day work. I’ve done a lot in my short time, working from a bus boy to a full on assistant general manager, now that task of earning respect is on again. Less about me; let’s write what you folks want to read and hear.

I’m a man of music; it keeps my emotions in check. From Yuna to Parov Stelar to Keys n’ Krates to Madeon are all what you shall find on my Nexus 5. I enjoy my electronic music, hence my involvement with night clubs. As someone who has spent a bit of time within the industry I can say with a bit of conviction that electronic music has made leaps and bounds in so many different directions. From trance, Glitch-hop, and too many versions of electro anyone can hop on a band wagon and say one is the best. Variety is king. With a mixture of electronic you have a melting pot of music to play with in different moods. I couldn’t stand the thought of a whole six hours of nonstop bass drops but at the same level slow chill-step.

I find different feelings are evoked with each unique artist. I find Yuna triggers an almost instantaneous calming effect on me regardless of the electric guitar being sound checked behind me. All the while Parov Stelar can force me to smile regardless of the fact I know I have another thirteen hours of being in this hell. I thought Hell would be ruled by gingers, I now know it’s ruled by upper management. The blatant piano and funky chords just do the job perfectly for me. Let’s save some Parov Stelar for later though. Keys n’ Krates on the other end of the spectrum is my focus, its upbeat enough to keep my focus while being progressive enough to let me do things aside from jump around and sing along.

If you are to tune into my biweekly rants and raves you’ll be more than likely more educated in all things melodic. I promise you won’t turn into a hipster, just a well-dressed intelligent person with music that is unique and tasteful .On that note I recommend that you never call a person a hipster, there is a fine line my good sirs and ladies. That line sits at second hand clothing and horn rimmed glasses and horrible facial hair. With that thank you to TNLF and the crew for the invite.

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