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Chillwave Wednesday XXIV

Chillwave Wednesday: a shortlist of chill music every Wednesday.

Luxury – J.A.W.S
Came across this track a couple of weeks ago when Gigamesh passed us his Fall Mixtape. It’s featured late in the mix, but it’s a beach and beer banger for sure. The single was produced with Disclosure and is out now on Method Records. Pick it up at Beatport, iTunes, or Google Play.

Lana Del Rey x Congi – Young and Beautiful (Libations & Oscillations Cocktail remix)

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Thomas Jack Remix)

Sasha Keable – Day Dreamer

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Life Is Hard (Teen Daze Remix)

STRFKR – Golden Light (Skeletron Mix)
STRFKR have released a special track, a mix of their own song “Golden Light” they did under the moniker Skeletron. Golden Light appears on their 12″ which was only available from the band on their tour with Chrome Sparks. The Alan Watts quote at the end of the track gives me absolute chills. “So if you go the whole way and see how you feel at the prospect of vanishing, of all your efforts and all your achievements turning into dust, nothingness, what is the feel, what happens to you, memory, traces are all gone, that’s the end you see, do you see in a way how that is saying, the most real state is the state of nothingness, that’s what its going to all come to, with these physicists who think of the energy of the universe running down dissipating into radiation, gradually gradually gradually, until there’s nothing left at all, for some reason or another were supposed to find this depressing…but if someone is going to argue that the most basic reality is nothingness, then where does all this come from. Obviously from nothingness. So cheer up, we’re all basically nothing.”