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Theatre Of Delays – Black Ballet

We’ve been following the Berlin-based producer Theatre Of Delays for quite a while now. His moniker, Theatre Of Delays was derived from that moment in a movie when the rising tension finally detonates into action. Theatre Of Delays is that moment in slow motion, emotions in a time paradox. Many of his remixes of major acts including Daft Punk, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Massive Attack capture that idea quite nicely.

He’s also been releasing original tracks that help solidify this theme. His most recent track entitled “Black Ballet” encapsulates Theatre Of Delays better than anything he’s produced before in my opinion. It’s an ascending spiral into darkness. It’s a never ending arpeggio that implies a massive drop but continues to take you higher and higher.

The first thought that comes to mind with “Black Ballet” was that it is a reference to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake… a ballet that was later adapted into a movie named Black Swan. “Black Ballet.” When asked what the track meant to him Theatre Of Delays said that he likes to keep meanings open when he produces music “…that’s why I like instrumental stuff. Everybody can make up [their] own story in [their] mind and create [their] own picture. For some people this track is very dark, for others it’s melancholic and uplifting… it’s all in the eye of the beholder.” Or the ear of the beholder in this case.

Theatre Of Delays put out a self-produced video upon the release of the track, capturing slow motion smoke, which gives a since that you are under water and floating through the air at the same time. He’s working with a director in New York to produce another video for the track which should be released mid December.

Theatre Of Delays – Black Ballet