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J Period Wake Up! Radio

I’m getting to this a few months after it’s release but just in case you also missed it, please meet “Wake Up! Radio” by mixtape assasin J. Period. Building on The Roots and John Legend’s 5 time Grammy nominated “Wake Up!”, J. Period reinterprets the songs in his own 32 track mixtape that’s smart, complex and full of soul; literally.

J. Period takes hip hop and soul and uses “Wake Up” as the bridge that connects the two. He takes artists like Rakim, Common, Q-Tip, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, K’Naan and successfully marries them with artists like Nina Simone, Ernie Hines, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Billy Holiday and Issac Hayes. Wake Up! Radio is a perfect example of how mixtapes can be used as an art form to tell stories the original songs don’t.

Here are a few tracks to get you started while you download the entire mixtape here.

[audio:|titles=Epilogue (Wake Up Everybody) f. Mayda Del Valle]

J Period Remix – Epilogue (Wake Up Everybody) f. Mayda Del Valle

[audio:|titles=People Get Ready f. Aretha Franklin and The Roots]

J Period Remix – People Get Ready f. John Legend, The Roots and Aretha Franklin

[audio:|titles=Love the Way It Should Be (J Period Remix) f. John Legend, The Roots and Nneka]

J Period Remix – Love the Way It Should Be f. John Legend, The Roots and Nneka