The New LoFi

Ten Years

K.Flay Feat. Felix Cartal


If you were to talk to Kristine Flaherty aka ‘K.Flay’ you would probably think she was a nice white girl from Chicago who graduated from Stanford University with a degree in psychology and sociology. And while this all might be true, there is a crazy transformation that happens once she jumps on a mic as K.Flay and turns into one of the most badass female emcee’s.

K.Flay teams up with the maestro of devastatingly heavy bass, Felix Cartal, to produce her new track “Rest Your Mind.” Felix recalls how Kristine recruited him for the video saying “K.Flay hit me up and said ‘we’re going to brush our teeth for 4mins.’ After the call, I was on the next plane to LA and before I knew it, was in a ladies’ bathroom brushing away furiously, just to the point of intense gum pain. It was the dirtiest-looking health-conscious video I’ve ever been a part of.”