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Ten Years

Maria Chiara Argiro

Maria Chiara Argirò is an Italian pianist and composer who currently lives in London. After going on tour with the likes of These New Puritains and Björk, Argirò started to colour her jazz with a twist of contemporary genres.

With the release of her debut album The Fall Dance at the end of 2016, you can hear how Maria has pulled away from traditoinal jazz and started to create her own sound. In that vein, the album is a collection of jazz instrumentals that aims to get people excited about the genre again.

To further that goal, Maria teamed up with London-based performance artists, In A Sleeping Mood at the beginning of this year to remix the title track off of her new album. They isolated their favourite sounds and patterns from the original track in order to inject an electronic pulse and reimagine jazz. The remix is a mixture of piano and electronic that is equal parts orchestral and cinematic. It’s yet another example of how Argirò’s music is pushing the boundaries of what jazz can become.

The Fall Dance is available on Amazon and iTunes now. And if you want to see her live, you can still catch up with Argirò on the tail end of her UK tour on April 25th at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho.

Maria Chiara Argirò – The Fall Dance (In A Sleeping Mood remix)