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Ten Years

Fresh Friday Mix: Maymind

This week we’re featuring a mix from a Latvian-born, Los Angeles-based producer Leo Maymind. Several years ago, Maymind left New York and his band Spanish Prisoners to start producing his own music. His first release was the Prophet EP which was followed by a series of mixes and DJ sets.

Today we have a lovely set he’s put together exclusively for Witness This called “Cheap Vacation.” It starts out blissfully chill but slowly dials up the tempo as the mix goes on. “I tried to make this mix with as little planning as possible and just choose tracks that I knew spoke to me,” admits Maymind.

Planning or no planning, this mix will be on heavy rotation for the next few weeks.

Maymind – Cheap Vacation

Maymind – Prophet EP

Listen to more Maymind on Soundcloud