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Max and the Moon: Martin Vidal Remix

Some new talent, and a remix from an old friend.

Our old friend Martin Vidal has found a way to not only create countless amounts of remixes, but search out new talent on his spare time. In this case he tipped us off to the Southern California based indie band, “Max and the Moon.” Vidal gave the band’s first single “Out of My Head” the remix treatment and we are including both the original and remix here for you.

The single is off of the new album “The Way I See” and can be purchased on the Max and the Moon bandcamp page for $4! The remix is free, and you can download it here.

Max and the Moon – Out of My Head (Martin Vidal Big Room Remix)

Max and the Moon – Out of My Head

It’s an Indie band out of Southern California called Max and the Moon
they played at SXSW
This track is their first single off of their new album ‘The Way I See’
it’s dropped on the 27th this month
this is my remix: