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Here’s a selection of some new artist we’ve found around the internet:

Daniele Di Martino – FAUST
“FAUST” is title-track off of Daniele Di Martino’s new EP. Martino is a Berlin-based producer who has roots in deep house and pushing basslines. This track is no different with its dark, straight-to-the-point percussion and tumbling horns. It was created for long nights in small clubs.
There’s also a remix of the single on the EP by techno legend, Thomas Schumacher. He gives the track a slightly harder interpretation that sounds straighter than the original.
Pre-order the vinyl on

Daniele Di Martino – FAUST (Thomas Schumacher remix)

No Middle Name – Television Soul
David Bailey is the man behind the London based solo project No Middle Name. He’s just released a new single called “Televisions Soul” to promote his second studio album entitled Fondness. “I wanted to make a record that my 15 year old self would love to bits,” says Bailey when asked about the release. “It’s a love letter to all the music I grew up listening to really.”
Fondness is set to release mid January next year.

Andy Ward – Screaming Feelings (Preview)
Andy Ward is a singer / songwriter / performance artist based out of Brisbane, Australia. He sent us this teaser for his brand new downtempo track “Screaming Feelings” last week and we are very curious where it (and perhaps an upcoming EP) will go.

Eduardo Arenas – Lagartija
Chicano Batman’s bass player, Eduardo Arenas, is set to make his solo debut as É Arenas with a musical monument titled Nariz.

With six years in the making, Nariz is the cinematic soundtrack to É Arenas’ every being. With influences from Jazz, Tropicalia, and Funk, É Arenas created compositions that reveal his introverted, chaotic and romantic soul. A beautiful clash of classical and vibrato-fuzz electric guitars meet the rhythm of syncopated piano and Brazilian percussion, smothered by obscure synths and hopeful melodies.

Nicole Boggs – Something New
For something completely different check out Nashville-based artist Nicole Boggs. She is a mixture of soul, jazz, R&B, blues and funk. She describes her latest track “Something New” as ‘A soulful story from the bottom of a box of wine.’ We like it.

Emmit Fenn – Painting Greys (FKYA Remix)
Check out this terrific remix of “Painting Greys by FKYA. Brett Fabian and Paul Kane are the Vancouver-based duo behind FKYA and they do a great job on this track of building you up very slowly and subtly to a crescendo at the end.

Fede, Toto, Taimles – Fettuccine
“Fettuccine ” is taken from Ching Zeng’s mini-compilation #Vibes. Get into these bass vibes!

Rag’n’Bone Man – Human (Rudimental Remix)
Rudimental put their skills to the new Rag’n’Bone Man track “Human.” It’s Rudimental’s first remix in two years. The mixture of Rag’n’Bone Man’s amazing voice and Rudimental’s mix up makes for something very interesting. Check out the official video to go along with the remix as well.