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New Mixtape from Let’s Make Out

Steven Hernandez (the man behind Let’s Make Out) has come at us again with a new mixtape called “Of Walking on Ice.”

There is something nice about how Hernandez embraces a lo-fi sound but with a sharp wit and a lot of cultural reference. From a sampled Office Space quote to a Game of Thrones shout out, you can tell that he takes his inspiration from a wide range of topics (probably most apprciated by nerdy kids like me, but still).

Hernandez’s philosophy is “less about chops and more about messing with the audio itself, adding effects and trying to emphasize certain sounds, about finding drums that fit in as opposed to standing out, the songs are mostly about creating an overall mood/feeling.”

I’m including a few of my favorite tracks off the mixtape here, but you can get the full stream on

Let’s Make Out – security

Let’s Make Out – colossus

Let’s Make Out – new day (2012)