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Ten Years

Roadkill Ghost Choir: False Youth Etcetera Vol. 1

We first caught Roadkill Ghost Choir just after sunset on a backyard stage in Austin, back in 2014. Adding to an already impressive catalogue, their latest False Youth Etcetera Vol. 1 is an anthemic tour-de-force. The stakes have never been higher for the Florida band. Horns and drums barrel down like thunder, harmonicas and organs hum and flutter, steels cry mournfully in the distance, and vocalist Andrew Shephard effortlessly guides it all home. Make no mistake, this is a complex record with a huge bag of tricks: kits and pads (especially prevelent in intricate intros and outros) are a marked evolution and are deployed with subtlety and precision. A multi-textual work of this magnitude can be born only from obsession, careful and countless hours constructing textures layer by layer, detail by detail. Chances are you’ll be obsessed too.

An early classic this year worth digging into. Grab your nice headphones.