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Ten Years

Alexis Marceaux

New Orleans’ darling Alexis Marceaux, recently had a celebratory performance to mark the digital release of her amazing second album, ‘Orange Moon,’ and at just 22, she has a lot to celebrate. Aside from the nationwide release of this album, Alexis spent May touring in Germany with her friend and mentor, Susan Cowsill, and is now in talks about European distribution with Blue Rose records. The owner of Blue Rose came to two shows, as well as another Blue Rose employee who wrote a beaming review. “We had to run it through google translate, but it was still really cool,” said producer and bandmate, Sam Craft, who accompanied her on the trip. As a country known for loving Americana, Alexis couldn’t say enough how great the fans in Germany were. “They treat you like royalty.”

Along with this amazing international milestone in her career, Alexis is making strides back in the states, too. A few tracks from ‘Orange Moon’ are on rotation at Starbucks, featured on CMT, and the album is currently featured on AOL Music where you can hear it for free in its entirety. As well, over the next few months, you will be able to catch Alexis Marceaux live as she tours in Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.

[audio: Brains.mp3|titles=Alexis Marceaux – Brains]

Alexis Marceaux – Brains