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Baauer – Harlem Shake

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Has anyone else heard of this Harlem Shake meme? Shit is starting to get out of control. The meme is made up of a video with one person (often masked) dancing alone, surrounded by other people unaware of the dancing individual. The song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer is playing in the background and when the bass drops, the camera transitions to the entire crowd doing the dance, often appearing scantily clad.

The underlying theme to all of these videos is to take out the Korean produced pheonomenom “Gangnan Style” (the most viewed video on YouTube right now with over 1 billion views).

I believe the first Harlem Shake video popped up on January 30th 2013, but they’ve been multiplying quickly since February (some versions with over 4 millions views already. My favorite parody of Harlem Shake so far is the Norwegian Military Version:

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oh wait, maybe the college girls edition is my fav:

or the pizza delivery guy porn paradoy one: