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Ten Years

Chillwave Wednesday V

It’s October! Time to start thinking about the leaves changing, colder weather, and most importantly… Halloween. In celebration of Halloweens month, we’ve decided to explore the darker side of chillwave.

Grimes has been on my radar ever since I saw her live at Hudson River Park in New York City. Most of her tracks are pretty chill… like thug-chill, but her track Genesis is legit chillwave. Especially after EASY GIRL gets a hold of it for the remix. Minimal singing with hauntingly sustained voice tones being favored over lyrics. The occasional gun shot here, a word there, and all of it covered with layers of dirty synth.

“Vestige” is the latest single from the San Francisco based duo ‘Pair Of Arrows.’ They have a special kind of dark-tinged-electro-chillwave. Def. gonna have to keep your ear out for these two.

You might not have heard of Dr. Duke or Metaphorest but that doesn’t matter. Imagine if Goth and Chillwave got together…. Dr. Duke makes the chillwave easy while Metaphorest lends her haunted vocals to the mix.