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Chillwave Wednesday XIII

This week Chillwave Wednesday is short and sweet. We’re refeaturing Sorrow with another track off of his latest EP: Art is Dead. Mr. Carmack lays down a jazzy bossa nova track turned club with “Brazillian Blowjob” and Monkeyneck drops a brand new interpretation of The xx with his remix of “Reconsider.” Happy Wednesday!

[audio:|titles=Girl I Miss You]
Sorrow – Girl I Miss You
A couple of weeks ago we featured a producer named Sorrow on CWW. His single, “My Love” is one of the more popular tracks on our weekly column, and I thought it was fitting to throw another track off of his Art is Dead EP up on Chillwave Wednesday.

The EP is only £1!!! (there is no financial reason or otherwise not to get this) and can be purchased on the Sorrow Bandcamp page.

[audio:|titles=You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me]
Melody’s Echo Chamber – You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me

[audio:|titles=Brazilian Blowjob]
mr. carmack – Brazilian Blowjob

[audio:|titles=Reconsider (Monkeyneck remix)]
The xx – Reconsider (Monkeyneck remix)