The New LoFi

Ten Years

Clock strikes: mdnt


It’s no surprise that Rochester, NY native mdnt is always pictured near the ocean. It’s not the dreamy vibes nor the sopping wet synthetics; this man could literally start a fire just by walking through the woods. Careful when you hit play; mdnt’s latest singles ‘Sinster’ and ‘4U’ are highly flammable. This is pure lady-melting music at its finest, a spontaneous combustion of the R&B genre, and like a phoenix from the ashes, his soaring vocals will lift you to the clouds in a ring of fire.

Shout out to Su Na for the milky production on ‘Sinister’. I’ve got a feeling a lot of babies will be born next January..

Keep your eyes locked on mdnt’s soundcloud for future releases. And that burning sensation? Don’t worry about it, that’s just the metaphorical fire in your loins.