The New LoFi

Ten Years

Decades Passed – Telefuture Mix

Much time has gone by since the 1980’s signature sounds were alive and well… or so we thought. Decades Passed is a collection of tracks by artists from around the world who currently aim to keep the aesthetics of that decade alive. Brought to you by Telefuture.


Pilotpriest – “After Hours” (self-released, LINK)

Collins – “Heartbreaker” (unreleased, more music here: collins)

Mitch Murder – “Telefuture Theme”  (Rosso Corsa Records, LINK)

SelloRekt – “Impact Body Motion” (self-released, SelloRekT /LA Dreams)

Lueur Verte – “Rockin’ Summer” (Aphasia Records, Lueur Verte)

Rolly Mingwald – “The New Girl“ (self-released, Rolly Mingwald)

Lazerhawk – “Visitors” (Rosso Corsa Records, LINK)

Makeup and Vanity Set – “Homecoming” from the album “88:88” (Telefuture, LINK)

Mega Drive – “Night Prowl”  (self-released, LINK)

Perturbator – “Terror 404” (Aphasia Records, LINK)

Garth Knight – “The Babylon” from the album “Alpha” (Telefuture, LINK)

The Outrunners – “Elite” (self-released, outrunners)

Magic Sword – “Discover” (self-released, Magic Sword)

Mr. Nissness – “Departure” from the album “Formative Epoch” (Telefuture, LINK)