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Ten Years

Dream Attics

As I was looking through the TNLF inbox the other day, I came across the most creative music submission to date from a band called Dream Attics. It was a breath of fresh air after reading through hundreds of music submission emails which typically read something like “Hey, what’s up, my name is blah blah, just released a new track called blah, off the new album blah. blah blah blah.”

The Dream Attic email was signed by a one Brian MCbobblesworth the III and was written as if from a deep sea adventurer who came across some hidden treasure (the band’s EP). Since I wouldn’t do the email justice, I’m posting it in full below:


I recently found a sealed golden 7” music record close to the ocean’s floor off of Treasure Coast on a scuba-diving expedition. My expertise is usually in examining the worth of traditional ocean treasures: gold medallions, vintages wines, pirate swords, etc so I’m not quite sure of the worth of this particular object. I managed to transfer the sounds from the record to a popular musical website called to see if any experts (such as yourselves) could determine the worth of it. There is a small inscription on the record that says the words ‘Dream Attics’, followed by the word Unbend.

Respectfully yours,
-Brian MCbobblesworth the III”

After reading the email, my musical appetite whetted, I crossed my fingers and clicked on the link. “Please don’t suck, please don’t suck” I thought. I desperately wanted to support this band, if only for the clever way they grabbed my attention.

Thankfully the EP was good. The stand out single for me was “That’s the Secret, That’s the Key” with its soft vocals and singing chorus. The track is decorated with some choppy melodies and bending synths.

The band is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is made up of Nick Tovarek and Shane English (with additional vocals lent by Vanessa Plant + Amanda Huff). The record is called “Unbend” and is available on the Dream Attics Bandcamp page.