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Fellow Fellow

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Fellow Fellow is a new 7-piece Chamber Pop band from Los Angeles, California.

I am told that Chamber Pop means music that “places a renewed emphasis on melody and production, layering baroque, ornate songs with richly textured orchestral strings and horns while virtually denying the very existence of grunge, electronica, and other concurrent musical movements.”

(Think: Beirut, or The Decemberists)

Fellow Fellow certainly delivers on that promise. With guitars, a tuba, and blaring trumpets (and maybe even the occasional whistle), the band gives you a big circus of sound to listen to. THE WHOLE TIME, Copper Wolken’s vocals carry you through like a 18th century American frontiersmen.

The band have just released their debut album entitled The Traveler which you can stream on Bandcamp for free. (Fave tracks: “Ghost,” “The Traveler,” and “Lightsman’s Dreams”)

After you’ve listened to the album once, you can buy it on the Fellow Fellow Bandcamp page (it’s only $10).

Steven Kai van Betten – guitar
Julian Beutel – trumpet
Marcus Buser – bass
Nick Hon – drums
Stefan Kac – tuba
Andrew Rowan – trumpet
Cooper Wolken – wurly/vocals