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Ten Years

FIN: Happy Sunday


It’s Sunday, Y’all. We wanted to share FIN’s album Happy Sunday with you to celebrate.

Hailing from Chicago, FIN is no different from his fellow Chicagoans in being different. Bearing a distinct voice and and hard hitting flows, FIN found early influences in the likes of 50 cent, Lupe Fiasco, and Jay-Z making lyric ability a priority but a catchy hooks a must. “I just want to inspire that same feeling that was inspired in me when I heard these guys. They didn’t just create to create, there was a story. I didn’t always know I was gonna be FIN, but I’m ready to show the world why I am.”

Happy Sunday came out about a year ago but at the beginning of this month we saw that FIN released a new single called “Rocafella.” Of course it was in celebration of Jay-Z’s birthday (which was on December 4th) and it’s loaded with old-school hip hop vibes. When the song was released, FIN commented saying “today is Jay-Z’s birthday so I made an ode to show appreciation for him and the Roc dynasty.”

FIN – Rocafella

“Rocafella” is the first single on FIN’s forthcoming album: HAPPY SUNDAY 2. Keep an eye out for it next year…. To hold you over, we have Happy Sunday vol 1 below.

Happy Sunday