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Fresh Friday Mix: Anja Schneider

Berlin-based producer, radio broadcaster, and label boss Anja Schneider puts out a mix called “Club Room” and the latest instalment is worth checking out. The mix features new music from Juan Atkins, Nick Curly, Reset Robot, Einzelkind, and Marcus Worgull as well as Anja herself. Get involved!

Anja Schneider – Club Room 19

Francesca Lombardo – Spondylus (Anja Schneider Remix)

  • Mathame – Fade Into You
  • Lawrence Hart & Casually Here – Wanderlust
  • Waajeed feat. Ideeyah – Strength
  • Nick Curly feat Bashkka – Freedom
  • Francesca Lombardo – Spondylus (Anja Schneider Remix)
  • Chris Wood & Christian Burkhard – Bed & Butter (Einzelkind Remix)
  • Reset Robot – Self Existence
  • Juan Atkins – Dimensions
  • Jel Ford – Night Shade
  • Marcus Worgull – Love Song