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Ten Years

Max Burgundy

Max Burgundy recently released debut EP entitled #Waiting. He has been called the leader of “the nostalgia parade to the starting line of post-hip hop America.” Sounds deep. I don’t know about all that, but I like the dude because he’s witty and he uses an 808 in a song that has nothing to do with the usual rap topics (drugs, hoes, and guns). And no, he’s not the new Del The Funky Homosapien although at first listen you might mistake his smooth delivery for Del.

We posted up “Save Ferris (Fuck My Job)” from Max Burgundy in our July Lo-File and he had my attention, but this album is a full listen. The first song off the EP that I listened to was “Hey Love!” with its bass dropping 808 and its chirpy birds and finger snaps and hipster referring call outs. Hilarious. Brilliant. Smooth.

I mean, lines like “sometime’s i get paralyzed by fear, i want to ride you like a fixed gear, but instead i just sit there” and “love letters is for suckers, hit me on the DM, and tell your friends to facebook friend my friends so we can be friends” and! “follow my twitter tweets and retweet them, and if we ever met in real life i would know where to be-gin,” = awesome!

but it’s not all funny lighthearted words. “Life Ain’t Funny” has a great lyric about his Dad who died in the midst of saving someone’s life that says: “For so he loved the world he gave his only begotten son, In turn took my only begotten dad and I only begotten one.”

Donate a few bucks to the EP on bandcamp and DEF! check out the video for “Life Ain’t Funny” on vimeo directed by Oliver Irving. The intro is too funny. It’s a great take on the all too common “homeless guy in the NYC subway ” situation.

[audio: Burgundy-Hey Love.mp3|titles=Max Burgundy – Hey Love!]
Max Burgundy – Hey Love!

[audio: Burgundy-Life Aint Funny.mp3|titles=Max Burgundy – Life Ain’t Funny]
Max Burgundy – Life Ain’t Funny