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Ten Years

Montevideo Mondays (XVII)

How does a song stick in the right side of our brain? Does it just have to do with your previous influences or obsessions? Is it possible that a reminiscence of a sound, or an image, matches the song´s approach and then, the magic happens? There are some studies, basically scientific, about the feelings that music provokes, but personally, the mystery of that interaction is one of the things that amazes me more of my relationship with songs.

Of course, I have lots of different stories with songs: the ones that remind me of a party, of the school days, of the club days, and also the ones that were with me in the worst days. But still, I really appreciate the ones that surprise me with low-guard. In the past days I discovered “Piscina”, a song from 2010 of a montevidean band called Power Chocolatín Experimento (in english would be something like “Power chocolate bar experiment”).

After feeling guilty and proving to myself again that I still have to do lots as a music writer and as a music searcher even in Uruguay (such a song undetected for 4 years? come on) I recognised why the DNA of this song is irresistible to me: big moments á la Radiohead circa The Bends, a melancholic piano that reinforces the same feelings, a proper voice that sometimes screams about lights and questions in the middle of a psychodelic-rock storm based on guitars and also moves to a more gentle approach in some moments of the tune…

Piscina is not a “modern” song. It doesn´t have synthesizers or dance approaches, and it certainly feels like a much older song. But the thing is that when a song manages to conquer in all these areas it sticks with you, it makes you come back to her, again and again. For that chemical reaction in my brain, I thank and must say “sorry” to Power Chocolatin Experimento, for discovering “Piscina” so late.

Power Chocolatín Experimento is a band that moves between some psychodelic rock with 70’s, 80’s and 90’s reminiscences on a sort of experimental canvas. The band members made history playing at the mythic La Conjura, a group whose leader was well-known uruguayan writer Roy Berocay.

With this project they’ve released two records in 2010 and 2011 and also a live EP in past march which can be found here, and where you can hear “Piscina” at its full power. Here´s the track:

Also please make sure you drop by their Facebook and say hi to them if you liked their music.