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The Long Awaited Global Twang Volume 2

I started and finished this mix one day after a long 14 hour work day. I basically needed something mellow to help decompress. It was a cold east coast fall night and honestly I was a bit depressed with the endless cycle of get up, work, work, work, work, go to sleep, repeat again. I guess without knowing it, I was making a second volume of The Long Awaited Global Twang mixtape that I made a few months back. If you missed that mix check it out here.

As the title may suggest, these songs aren’t country tunes. I guess they’re a little more of the slow down big city and chill the fuck out persuasion. Songs made on simple instruments like guitars, flutes, ukuleles and pianos without a lot of post work done to them. Songs that are simple in nature and are reminiscent of a simpler life when an honest days work involved panning for gold or chopping down sugar cane with a machete; not jumping through corporate hoops and dancing the dance just to get through another day in order to get up and do it again the next day.

All that said, there are some really beautiful songs and really great bands on this mix. Some of them are new and some of them are old. I personally haven’t heard of most of these artists until last week. For that, I have to thank Blalocks and Tsuru. If you haven’t already, check both of those sites out as well. Without rambling much more, here is the next installment of The Long Awaited Global Twang.

Yodel if it makes you feel good.

Cheers, D-Hall

(Intro) Aloha Oe Elvis Presley

Big Heartbreak The Rosebuds

Broadripple Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s

Bonfires Rosie and Me

Anima German Error Message

Russia Ramona Falls

Going Nowhere Elliot Smith

Stare The Shivers

More Than Life Whitley

The End Peasant

Cohesion Minutemen

Burning Stars Mimicking Birds

The Heart Asks Pleasure First Michael Nyman

(Intro) Stare The Shivers

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TNLF Presents The Long Awaited Global Twang Volume 2