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A Different Sound For Summer

It’s Thursday! and this week I’ve been getting into a lot of summery sounds. Not the reggae and surf rock that you would expect for the summer (although, there has been a lot of that). But there’s also been a lot of African guitar, Bachata, and ukulele flying around in my head lately. Which totally gets you in the summer mood.

[audio:|titles=My Boys (Animal Collective Cover)]

Taken By Trees “My Boys (Animal Collective Cover)]”
Taken By Trees slows it down a bit and gives us a great track to sip on some white wine in the sunshine too. (shout to Annie Uh Oh for passing this track over to me)

[audio:|titles=Postcards from Italy (Beirut Cover)]

Florence and the Machine “Postcards from Italy (Beirut Cover)”
There have been countless amounts of Florence and the Machine remixes out there. Their songs are just so remixable. It’s nice to see they can dish out some remixing also. And that ukulele sounds fantastic under Florence Welch’s voice. shit!

[audio:|titles=Warm Heart of Africa (Featuring Ezra Koenig)]

The Very Best “Warm Heart of Africa (Featuring Ezra Koenig)”
Animal Collective, Vampire Weekend, Washed Out, they’re all really great summer rock songs…. but slip some African flavor into the mix and you have something else. Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend hooks up with The Very Best.

[audio:|titles=Go Outside]

The Cults “Go Outside”
The Cults could be one of the most elusive new bands I have come across in a long time. After I heard this song I went on my usual rounds to learn more about them. This quickly became near impossible when you learn that they do not have a myspace page, there is no wikipedia entry on them, and trying to search for “Cults” on google brings up hundreds of unrelated articles about real cults. What I have learned from internet rumors and electronic myths is that they might be from Colorado or New York, they might have an album coming out in mid July, and they DO have a kick ass song called “Go Outside.”