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Ten Years

Angel Haze


Will Angel Haze be the new Azealia Banks? She’s a hot, tough, rough-mouthed girl trying to run New York…

I’m sure she’ll be compared to more than Azealia Banks, but who cares when she has this dope as video of her running around the city with her gas mask crew haunting the subway and making out with everyone. And the Gil-Scott Heron sample in the background of the track doesn’t hurt her cause. If you don’t believe she’s a badass, check out her freestyling over Lil Wayne’s ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’ on youtube.

Her last album, “KING” revealed a softer side of Haze with tracks like ‘How To Love’ and ‘Fall For Your Type.’ And while her new Mixtape “Reservation” retains that poetic side, it places her as the next internet-bred lady rapper to climb to the top of the genre with hits like “New York,” “Werkin’ Girls,” and “Drop It.” You’re going to hear about this chick whether you like it or not.

Listen and Download the “Reservation” on datpiff.