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New Video: Tonight (Featuring Maja Ivarsson)


On the heels of Felix Cartel’s “Different Faces” album release earlier this year, he’s joined forces with Kasey Lum to direct the video for “Tonight.” He’s also enlisted Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds to lay down the vocals on the track. “This song is one of my personal favourites from the record, Maja’s voice really rounded it out into a pure, pop tune,” says Cartel.

I’ve alway thought of Felix Cartel’s fan-base as the fist pumping Jersey shore types, but this video caters to a more decidedly hipster crowd. I wonder if Cartel himself is a closeted hipster surrounded by meaty house loving fans…. or maybe he is trying to create a new genre somewhere in between Williamsburg and the Jersey Shore?

Stream Different Faces on Soundcloud, and buy the album on iTunes