The New LoFi

Ten Years

Sunday Munchies #14

BOOOYEA! so, I just graduate my design course where I specialized in Motion Design using Cinema 4D and After Effects. I met incredible people who Ill never forget, and I had the privilege of learning more from them than I have from any teacher Ive ever had. the future looks uncertain but bright which is great because after a year working harder than Ive ever worked in my life, its finally sunday, and I literally dont have to do a single thing… feels strange to be honest.

Ok so… this track was such a surprise to come across, and when I decided to look into the artist a little more and realized the level of work he’s releasing I almost started crying of joy! Fucking brilliant stuff definitely recommend you go listen to more.

Bad Panda Record’s constant supply of fantastic creative commons licensed music is a breath of fresh air in a world with ever increasing and unnecessary control and ‘prevention’ of copyright work. Id just like to personally thank them and everything they stand for.

Such a delightfully uplifting track, could help myself from posting this too. enjoy

LexiconDon blew me away with this next track. I seem to find the simple yet inescapable melody addictive.

I found this next gem in my inbox, New York based NeonFaith sent me an email asking me to check out their latest release  but instead I found myself playing their first release over and over again haha.