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Our friend Tony Brown is fantastic at finding rare and unreleased records and posting them up on his Facebook page. This month he found a collection of unreleased demos and home recordings from Iron & Wine called the Archive Series Volume No. 1. These tracks were recorded back in 2002/2003 when his first album The Creek Drank the Cradle was released. Thought this would be a great mix tape for your autumn blues.

[audio:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Iron & Wine – Slow Black River, The Wind Is Low, Eden,Two Hungry Blackbirds, Freckled Girl, Judgement,Sing Song Bird,Beyond The Fence,Quarters In Pocket,Loretta,Everyone’s Summer of 95,Minor Piano Keys,Your Sly Smile,Halfway To Richmond,Wade Across The Water,Postcard]
Iron & Wine – Archive Series Volume No. 1

  1. Slow Black River
  2. The Wind Is Low
  3. Eden
  4. Two Hungry Blackbirds
  5. Freckled Girl
  6. Judgement
  7. Sing Song Bird
  8. Beyond The Fence
  9. Quarters In Pocket
  10. Loretta
  11. Everyone’s Summer of 95
  12. Minor Piano Keys
  13. Your Sly Smile
  14. Halfway To Richmond
  15. Wade Across The Water
  16. Postcard