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Bibio’s New Album ‘Silver Wilkinson’ is Shipping Now

Bibio’s latest album entitled Silver Wilkinson (a play on the author Stephen Wilkinson’s name) was released this past Wednesday. We tipped you off about the forthcoming album last month when I posted up my favorite track: “A Tout A l’heure” and now we have a couple more singles for you to listen to.

Swipe the record from Warp Records.

Bibio – A tout a L’heure

Bibio – The First Daffodils

Bibio – You

Silver Wilkinson Tracklist
01. The First Daffodils
02. Dye The Water Green
03. Wulf
04. Mirroring All
05. A Tout A l’heure
06. Sycamore Silhouetting
07. You
08. Raincoat
09. Look Et Orion!
10. Business Park
11. You Won’t Remember

Bibio – Take Off Your Skirt