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Chillwave Wednesday CIX


Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.

PS: The chill is also now available on Spotify. See all of the tracks posted to Chillwave Wednesday each week on Spotify here:

This week’s playlist

  1. DUVV — Tell Me (Prod. by Smells & Reno)
  2. RAMBO V — So Good To See You
  3. Menace II Society – Unknown To The Unknown
  4. Dena Amy – Wait For You
  5. Solidisco — Summer Heat
  6. Jazz Morley — Take Me Down
  7. Foals – Mountain At My Gates (Alex Metric remix)
  8. Pretty Sister – Come to LA (Le Boeuf & N2N Remix)
  9. Walker & Montis – Peach
  10. Coolwater Set & RAC – The Coast ft. Jvzel