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Ten Years

Jason Famous debuts new video: Body Type

jason famous
(photo credit Michael Grondin)

International recording superstar Jason Famous has had a tumultuous career. He’s hit rock bottom. He’s hit rock top. He’s even been rumored to have hit the rock. Two divorces. Multiple world tours. And yet, very few scars. Famous is a man of intrigue, an enigma of excess and success. His pure sexual charisma has resulted in the ban of his music from multiple countries. Even here in Canada.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Famous for a segment that was to be broadcast worldwide on the radio, only to have it nixed at the last moment over the purported ‘dangers’ if it were to air. Sponsors threatened to pull out. Famous was quoted as saying “I never pull out, so why should they?” The interview was subsequently destroyed, a common theme in Famous’ eccentric career.

But the true rock in Famous’ life that he has been hitting is his fiance and twice-divorcee, Le Famé. His self-proclaimed “Sugar Mama”, Le Famé has bankrolled Famous for his entire career. The origins of their relationship, and the origins of Le Famé herself remain unclear. Famous claims he’s always had “some sort of relationship” with Le Famé. The two have continuously failed to provide any documents of her existence as a citizen, leaving some to speculate that she is in fact a projection of fame itself. Having met Le Famé, it is difficult to say whether or not she truly exists: Famous exudes an intoxicating aura, and many who come in contact with the recording superstar claim the experience was akin to hallucinogens. Erotic hallucinogens. His multiple divorces also coincide with periods where Le Famé quite literally disappeared, and Famous himself slipped out of the limelight into obscurity. These coincidences only further the hypothesis that Le Famé does not exist in physical reality. And yet, she is present at every show.

For those who don’t believe in conspiracy wizardry, Jason Famous and his music have been magic enough. We here at The New LoFi are fortunate to premiere his latest video, “Body Type”, to an eager international audience. With an album release forthcoming (and an lavish engagement on the horizon), Famous is poised to once again grab headlines around the globe.