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Ten Years

Chillwave Wednesday III

Humpday humpday humpday!!! Time to chillout. The Third installment of Chillwave Wednesday starts now:

Slow Magic brings us our first chilled track with their remix of ‘Sirens.’

This last track was remixed by Pheonix Arizona native Youceff Kabal (aka YUS). He put together this stellar mix together of The Dø’s track “Bohemian Dances.” I would have never thought that this track could be remixed successfully into something that held true to the original and yet something all it’s own, but YUS does it beautifully here. When asked what inspired him to remix the track he said “I would find myself singing the ‘look at yourself boy’ line in the shower, at the grocery store, pretty much everywhere.” Pick up more of YUS’s music on the YUS bandcamp page.