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Ten Years

Chillwave Wednesday XV

Mixtape Riot coined the perfect phrase to describe this weeks installment of Chillwave Wednesday: “Unstoppable Swag.”

Toddla T Sound – Worst Enemy
I’m still mad at Toddla T for knocking up my DJ crush, Annie Mac… but good job buddy, you beat me to it. Not that screaming “Friiiiiidayyyyy” in front of her DJ booth whenever I went to see her live was ever going to get me laid, but hey. Jealousy aside, Toddla T Sound (a collaboration between Toddla T, Shola Ama, Serocee and DRS) has got quite quiet banger on their hands with “Worst Enemy.” Catch them on tour this summer across the UK and Europe.

Röyksopp – Keyboard Milk
Somehow this B-side off of Röyksopp’s “Forsaken Cowboy” single completely escaped me. I know it’s a bit old now, but it totally fits the chillwave theme (if not a bit darker). It could easily be the segment of the score for an 80’s sci-fi movie like Blade Runner or Tron. And though this track might not be timely, Röyksopp do have a new mixtape coming out called Late Night Tales that features an intro track by Röyksopp called “Daddy’s Groove” as well as the studio version of their cover of Depeche Mode’s “Ice Machine” along with music by Rare Bird, Little River Band, John Martyn, Richard Schneider Jnr, Andreas Vollenweider XTC, Thomas Dolby and of course Vangelis. Preorder Late Night Tales on iTunes or stream a mini mix of it on Soundcloud

Mr. Little Jeans – Oh Sailor (Strange Talk Remix)
Strange Talk do what Mr. Little Jeans have been doing to other artists for the last few years. Remix an original track into a starry eyed slow-burner.

Alpine – Gasoline
Love love love Alpine. I was jazzed when the Australian ensemble dropped their debut album A Is For Alpine last year and the single ‘Gasoline’ is still on heavy rotation for me. The opening line is a ripper: “There’s….. gasoline in your heart. there’s….. fire in mine.” It’s pretty much what every girl I have ever dated has told me (if not as eloquently).