The New LoFi

Ten Years

Deep House & Smooth-Fi Dream Pop


I love it when genres start to cross together and influence each other. In this case I want to try and bridge the gap between deep house and dream pop with the help of this strange surreal feeling video above and a few tracks below.

Christian Löffler – Blind

“Blind” is the first single off of Christian Löffler’s debut album “A Forest” (released on June 18th by Ki Records). The video for Blind was filmed by Natasha Todd and it does a pretty good job of capturing the other-worldly dreamed-out nature of the music. The video above for “Feelharmonia” (feat. Gry) is another track off the album and it’s directed by Ronni Shendar. This track gives you more of a nordic dazed out feeling and is suited well by the blue-toned forest shots throughout the video. The whole album goes in and out of being deep house and indietronica… of being melancholic yet positive and euphoric. It’s one of those musical journey type albums that transports you somewhere far off while you are listening to it. It’s pretty exceptional and I highly recommend it this album. It’s available digitally at Juno and on vinyl at

Conner Youngblood – Gold

Conner Youngblood is one of those artists that is constantly exploring new sounds over a variety of mediums. He’s a Texas native who interprets many different genres of music through an electronically-bassed filter. You’ll hear elements of folk and rock in a lot of his music, a banjo here, a soft piano part there… it all adds up for a wonderful blend of fuzzy indielectronica that’s incredibly addictive to listen to. “Gold” is the second single off of Conner’s sophomore album entitled “Sketches Pt. 2,” due to release later this year. If you need something to hold you over until Pt. 2 is released, then go check out his debut, “Sketches Pt. 1″ on soundcloud. And make sure you give Connor some love on the Connor Youngblood Facebook page.

Work Drugs – Pluto

And finally we’ve come all the way around to some proper indie pop with our favorite new LoFi duo from Philadelphia: Work Drugs. We posted a bunch of tracks by Work Drugs late April this year, and now they are back with their new full length album “Absolute Bearing” which released yesterday on Bobby Cahn Records. “Pluto” is the third single off the album following “License to Drive” and “Boogie Lights.” Apparently “Pluto” is about someone we once loved, but fell out of touch with and don’t even recognize anymore. Something that happens far too often unfortunately. Makes for a fantastic cosmic inspired disco track however.

“Absolute Bearing” is available for download or handmade cd + digital download on the Work Drugs website.