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Ten Years

Freaknik ’96 – Chuck Inglish


Evan Ingersoll aka Chuck Inglish  (@Chuckisdopeis back at it again with a music video that’s undoubtedly going to leave a mark in people minds. There’s so much that makes this video fun! It’s one of those videos you’re going to be asking your friends if they’ve seen.

Freaknik ’96 gives us an adventure in a music video & not just another video shot inside a night club. There’s a 20 year video flashback to 1996 that has Chuck turning back time & taking us to Atlanta. The video is an outlandish cartoon adventure that has flying butts & sexy dancing grandmas (What more do you need?). Towards the end of the video the audience is given a look at the behind the scenes with Chuck on the green screen. Adding an interesting perspective like you were there during the video shoot.

Chuck Inglish is an American rapper from Mount Clemens, Michigan and formerly one half of the hip-hop duo The Cool Kids with Sir Michael Rocks. His debut album Convertibles was released on April 8, 2014.

Now click play if you haven’t already & buckle up because it’s going to be a ride! Check out more from Chuck Inglish on Soundcloud.