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Fresh Friday Mix: Dark Sky

Over the past few months I’ve been following a pair of English producers called Matt Benyayer and Thomas Edwards. They DJ under the name of Dark Sky. They are curators of deep house mainly, but they have love for all kinds of music. They play a regular two hour set on NTS Radio which is on weekly rotation here in the TNLF offices in London. I was digging through the archive this morning and I found one of their old radio shows that is an absolute overture to great music. It starts off with some African music, which blends into some samba disco to get you ready for how truly eclectic the mix will be. Edwards and Benyayer take you on a journey across the world with the first hour of this mix and then slowly ease you into some banger deep house tunes towards the end. This mix might be my favourite mix of 2017.

Next month Dark Sky will release their second album entitled ‘Othona

Dark Sky – 11th October 2016