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Ten Years

Killian Martins x Patrick Watson

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I have a one two punch for your Sunday afternoon; Skateboarding and indie rock.

One of the most inspiring skateboarders for me growing up was Rodney Mullen. To me he was one of the most creative freestyle skateboarders whose style was so unique and expressive that he set himself apart from everyone else that came before (or after).

Then I came across this crafty Spanish skater named Killian Martins. Clearly inspired by the Mullen school of skating, Martins has an incredible ability to take any given space and turn it into a skate park. A slide, a tree, a piece of pipe… Martins looks at these things and sees something to riff off of. He’s like a jazz artist… each trick improvised based on the space he’s given which creates a melody when put together.

The soundtrack for this vid was supplied by Patrick Watson, a California born, Montreal based singer / songwriter. It’s the perfect track for video where Killian turns his “backyard” into a playground.

Shout out to Zang and the gang over at VNA for sharing the video with us.

[audio:|titles=In Your Own Back Yard]
Patrick Watson – In Your Own Back Yard