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Metronomy – Love Letters

Metronomy have unveiled the title track “Love Letters” off their forthcoming record two weeks ago, and it has been making waves in the blogosphere (autocorrect is saying that is an actual word… “Blog-O-sphere” …that’s like a dictionary word now? whaaat?!).

“Love Letters” is one of those tracks that don’t sound like the band as you knew them on their last album, but then you listen to it over again and are like “oh I get it” and it just improves the more you listen to it. Metronomy reinvent themselves again on this album and you can see where they’ve taken their sometimes 70’s inspired, sometimes electronic flavour of indie pop-rock to new heights with the first song. And all of those who doubt me when I say “The Sax is Back” should notice the perfectly placed sax at the end of the song.

Check out their upcoming tour dates on the Metronomy website, and preorder the album on iTunes if you’re liking what your ears are hearing.

Metronomy – Love Letters

Metronomy – I’m Aquarius

Also check out their kick ass space video for “I’m Aquarius.”

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