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Ten Years

Montevideo Mondays (X)

So, we talked about singers, songwriters, artist that based their sound on an electronic field, everyone fresh and new, each and one of them on a search of an identity while their music develops. But we´ll always miss something. And there´s no way I can´t do a “Montevideo Mondays” without having a ride on electronic pop, because Uruguay has some history in this field.

Since the early 2000s, a “local music explosion” took place in this country. Uruguay -as I told you, a place known for the technique and experimentation of their musicians with very few having a solid career in terms of popularity- become to see their bands grow and the professionalism of all the crews involved in production, from studio to stage. Connected to this, a big economic crisis hit the country, and at some point, people started to look more to uruguayan bands. Then, the festivals arrived, with massive movements of people to see their local artists. Names such as Buitres, No Te Va Gustar and La Vela Puerca played for audiences that were over 120.000 people. When everything was starting, we had an important scene in the underground movement that gave birth to a fine mixture between electronics and rock music. It´s not here where I want to stop today, but I reached that moment in history to tell you that at that moment, some fine crossovers between pop, rock and electronic started to blend some fine sounds, ones that made some people get involved with local bands before everything started.

Sordromo and their very subtle blend of tiny electro pieces appearing around a rock identity was maybe the most iconic act at that time. And I don´t even know if local newcomers Les Enfants are directly influenced from their sound, but definitely there is something that makes me feel like they are taking further the style that Sordromo worked so well while it existed. In a scene where bands are not everywhere, is nice to see some type of sound developing into that way. Check out their video in Pardelion Project, a local music video series.

Live, Les Enfants move easily to dance-rock anthems that remember some argentinian influences more visible in their sound, such as Soda Stereo and other argentino pop rock legends. In all their inmaturity, they manage to appeal to emotion and at the same time, dance moves, something that other local bands such as Sante les Amis are still taking to a next level around here. Which sounds pretty appropriate: lots of time, music is about catharsis and euphory, both at the same time. Let´s hope that develops into even better music. At the helm of the production of their records is Daniel Anselmi, maybe the most versatile and at the same time up-to-date producer based in Montevideo, so we can be sure something good will get out of the studio, when their second record sees the light.

In a monday like this one, when people like Damon Albarn chooses to pay my city a tribute with the cover of his new single (Palacio Salvo is one of the most emblematic buildings in Mvd, we´re definitely something!), somehow seemed right to find a nice pop rock band for you.

While all this happens, here is a remix from DJ Fernando Picón, published a year ago. If you want to check tunes from “El Desamparo”, their first record, please visit their Soundcloud page. Also you can drop by their facebook.