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Bear In Heaven

Bear In Heaven? -one might say that moniker is the closets thing to an oxymoron as you can get. Much like their music, its really quite out of control yet adversely smooth and almost sultry in a hip sort of way.

Bear In Heaven consist of front-man and founder Jon Philpot, guitarist/keyboardist Adam Wills and drummer Joe Stickney and hail from the great Brooklyn-area. Collectively they can be wildly thrown into a genre called krautrock? -whatever that is (a form of early electronic rock popular in the 1960’s in Germany) and have produced 3 stellar albums via Hometapes record label. Back in 2012 they were featured in Hometapes’ SXSW showcase and since have been making their way to more prominent ears in the internet radio industry including, but not limited to KRCW and spotify.

From their earliest album (“Red Bloom Of The Boom”) to the more recent “I Love You, It’s Cool”, Bear In Heaven continues to push out psychedelic tunes that create a sense of nostalgia and alleviate any thoughts of NOT tripping out on illicit substances. With plans to release their 4th full-length album soon, you can be sure to have your minds eye, peeled open.

Besides splitting your earbuds into other dimensions, BIH has more recently collaborated with Transgressive North and MANY other awesome artist (Four Tet, Gang Gang Dance, No Age, Dan Deacon, Rustie, Son Lux, YACHT, Califone, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Sun Airway, Taken by Trees, Capybara, Deerhoof, doseone, El Guincho, Keepaway, Lucky Dragons, Julian Lynch, Matthewdavid, Max Tundra, Physical Forms, Ramona Falls, The Ruby Suns, rRoxymore, Slanter, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and White Hinterland) to create a 29 track double album named “BOATS” and “Sun Choir” for the Everything Is New Project.

As part of The Everything Is New Project -all the individual artists involved used samples  featuring the voices of Light of Love Children’s Choir. Upon purchasing either one of these master-pieces-releases you also help contribute to Scottish Love In Action as a percentage of every album sale goes to feed, clothe, house, and educate the children of the Light Of Love Home in Southeast India. Below you can dare to hear Bear In Heaven’s part in this epic release and a few other tracks I’d call my favorite from their most recent album. CHEERS!

Bear In Heaven – Idle Heart  (I Love You, It’s Cool 2012)
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Bear In Heaven – The Green (Everything Is New Project 2014)

Bear In Heaven – Sinful Nature  (I Love You, It’s Cool 2012)

Bear In Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers  (Beast Rest Forth Mouth 2009)