The New LoFi

Ten Years

Montevideo Mondays (XIX)

In the middle and the end of the 2000s, at the very moment when the funky disco based in guitars and synthesizers sort of came back to life, the montevidean underground scene showed that some musicians were able to follow the path with a proper style. Tiny but full-packed shows in typical rock venues of the capital city such as the historic “BJ” were the places where Closet showed their danceable experience with powerfull sparks of rock (even a powerful homage) alla RATM.

Since their beginning, they were the ultimate local project with a modern approach: they seemed to be connected with the pop music trends since day 1 and also kept in permanent motion, from a mainly electronic approach to more organic ways of making music to paying more attention to other sounds, maybe in pursuit of a more ‘glocal’ identity. And also moving from singing in english to doing it in spanish, at least in the live sets. For us going to shows, Closet made us feel that we had a band in Montevideo that could be playing and making people dance in any world festival, also able to compete in glamour and great photo shoot looks. For their listeners, that feeling was just glorious, because this scene does not regularly produce bands such as them.

Maybe the ‘glocal’ approach is not anymore the main obsession, but a truly authentic sound seems to be on sight. Somehow, this song called Barcos is definitely Closet but way more mature: there are keys that resemble some french touch bands, the voice of Camila Sapin fits perfectly with the poppy chorus and the song finishes in style, even when it jumps to a sort of hip hop moment. It is also a song that seems perfect for us who went to see them years before just to dance. Maybe now we´re still eager for it but also can enjoy the pleasures of finding more than that in a simple track. The new more complex climates, also evoked in the cover of this EP, are something to be thankful. Closet still deserves to keep evolving and also to keep conquering new listeners.

Trampas is the new Closet EP. you can listen to it here. Make sure you also give them a like in their facebook page.