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Ten Years

New LoFinds

Here’s a mini compilation of some new artist that are playing with LoFi sounds.

[audio: And The Sleeep – While We’re Young.mp3|titles=Inspired And The Sleep – While We’re Young]
Inspired And The Sleep – While We’re Young
I know this song is only three minutes long, but dang! it’s catchy as hell. Inspired And The Sleep is a group of lifeguards from San Diego, CA who create an upbeat variety of LoFi blissed-out indie pop-rock (is that enough genre dropping for y’all?). All of the songs were conceived and written on top of a lifeguard tower which adds a totally rad layer to the music. There is a great home-made feel to the music, and the band makes good use of live sounds like clapping, tapping and shaking. I just love it when a band can get creative with how they create live music. One thing is for sure with their single “While We’re Young” …you will start clapping to this song!

[audio: Winston – Velvet Elvis Crystal Fighters remix.mp3|titles=Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (Crystal Fighters remix)]
Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (Crystal Fighters remix)
As if my favorite Spanish band the Crystal Fighters weren’t successful and talented enough, they had to go ahead and become awesome producers as well. They have a few sweet remixes out there right now, and this one of Alex Winston’s “Velvet Elvis” is one of my favs. It’s got almost a cumbia swagger to it, but somehow captures that up-beat Australio-Indie sound to keep it dancey (think Cut Copy, The Naked and Famous). You can purchase the single at the Apple Store, and if you like this, you should defo check out their LP, Star of Love.

[audio: Hot Chili Peppers – Cabron Modabot remix.mp3|titles=Red Hot Chili Peppers – Cabron (Modabot remix)]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Cabron (Modabot remix)
I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers original track for “Cabron” so I knew it would be hard to impress me when I saw that Modabot remixed it. But I was impressed. You get drawn in by the distant washed-out tropical interpretation of the song, and then they layer in a moombahton beat to get your foot tapping. It’s pretty catchy. Modabot is a collaboration between La Moda and A.BOT. Check out the Modabot Soundcloud page for more tracks.

[audio: Woodz.mp3|titles=Tarn – Woodz]
Tarn – Woodz
This track from British-based duo, Tarn, might not be “LoFi” in the traditional sense as it is impeccably produced and tight sounding, but there is certainly an element of sound experimentation that ties it to the genre. Their sound is undoubtedly influenced by dub and dubstep, but they layer in field recordings from urban and natural environments as well as live recordings and subtle vocal hooks to bring a more organic feel to their sound.

Tarn’s upcoming EP is due out October 28th and will include a Ruckspin remix of their single “Woodz.” You can pre-order the EP at Juno or pick up the record from Amazon this Friday.