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Ten Years

Rick Rubin remixes On’n’on

went out to celebrate a friends birthday last night, and wow did i have way too much fun. and to make matters worse, it was daylight savings (spring ahead) so we lost an hour, and what was a crazy 4:30am dancing night turned into a crazy 5:30am night. why not just stay up until the sun rises at that point?

i think the most telling things about your night before is the random shit you find on your table the next morning. candy, chocolate, whisky and pills…. yeah, i guess we all had fun.

this rick rubin song has been on repeat all morning willing me to get out of bed, beat this hang over and get movin on’n’on. so here’s to everyone with a hangover.

[audio:|titles=On_n’on (Rick Rubin Remix)]
Justice – On’€™n’on (Rick Rubin Remix)