The New LoFi

Ten Years

River Tiber – Let You Go


You can tell a lot about someone from their taste in music. It’s no secret: art speaks to us on an emotional level. The gut reflex that causes us to hit that ‘Heart’ button is usually a lot more nuanced than we realize. Even when you aren’t listening, lyrics have a way of digging themselves in to our minds. For anybody following our recent posts, this is quite evident. We’re contemplating a name change to ‘The New LoFeelings”.

Yes, there have been many a melancholic vibe as of late. Fortunately these vibes are not localized to our wordy and conflicted correspondents. Somewhere across the country, Toronto’s River Tiber was channeling this same flow. “Let You Go” is the perfect soundtrack for those aforementioned wordless emotions. We can’t all be this gifted, or gifted at all, but it still takes an empathetic ear to find the courage to see things from someone else’s perspective. For me personally, “Let You Go” is the message I should have heard from someone else, when courage and cowardess became indistinguishable.

Glitchy clicks, sopping wet toms, faltering keys and sultry soaring vocal harmonies. What’s not to love?

… that’s a rhetorical question.