The New LoFi

Ten Years

Playback: Sasquatch! 2016


Note from the Editors: We’ve decided to do things a little different for our review of Sasquatch! 2016. This year we went “LoFi” with our coverage; Jarrett Edmund lovingly brought along a film camera and a typewriter to cover the event, much in the same way photojournalists used to operate before the advent of social (and digital) media.

After enlisting the help of talented local artist Chloe Purcell, the coverage began to take a different form than we are used to. The 15-page mixed-media booklet features reimagined illustrations by Purcell, as well as physical souvenirs from the festival itself. The end result is a tactile, physical experience, and although it feels like a very experimental form of coverage, it is actually quite traditional. Copies are currently being distributed to friends, fans, and family, but we’ve also made the booklet available online below.

Of course, we realize the irony in publishing work of this sort. As a music blog we have always been a strictly online publication that remains deeply connected to various social media platforms. In no way do we intend this to be a critique of an industry we rely on. However, many of us spend an inordinate amount of our time inundated with online #content, and maybe something gets lost in the process.

As writers on an online medium, we rarely feel connected to creation as physical. Print media might be dying, but maybe from the ashes we can birth something better.

(Click on a photo to enlarge and begin the experience)

001 - page 01

002 - walking up the hill
The Gorge
003 - the crowd
Bigfoot Crowd (with Kola House)
004 - page 02

005 - bandana buddies
006 - page 03

007 - lights from the stage
Wolf Alice
008 - just chilling
Transient Buddhist
009 - page 04

010 - sunlight from the tent
Bad Vibes
011 - on stage
The Preoccupations
012 - page 05

013 - looking back
014 - wow
Alabama Shakes
015 - page 06

016 - banjo
Kurt Vile is an Outlaw
017 - acid dreams
Jamie XX Closes Sasquatch 2016
018 - the end