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Ten Years

Satchmode: Hall & Oates

Maybe it’s just a product of growing up in the 90’s, but I’ve always have a soft spot for light-hearted throwback bands. Fortunately, dreampop has been soaring since 2000-and-something, and once in a blue sky a brand new band forms like a puffy cloud; my scene becomes that much prettier. Satchmode is the love child of Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis, their latest single “Hall & Oates” sends me back to a more innocent time when dark-wash jeans and Prozzak were the highlights of the summer.

“Hall & Oates” has already drawn comparisons to industry heavyweights and perennial geniuses Phoenix, but to me their sound floats closer to smooth-aged French-Swiss sensations, Carousel. Comparisons aside, Hall and Oates is a phenomenal stand-alone track, and will surely stir up summer-nostalgic imagery in music and bloggers alike. Windows-down, windswept hair, white-lines blur, pure highway romanticism. Keep your shades on, both the sun and the future look bright. A blinding optimism keeps the pace breakneck and warm, while the crisp synths pump the AC and keep things cool.

But lets slow down the silk speak for a second and shoot some serious shit. I’ve spent the afternoon with the Satchmode soundcloud page on loop and I’ve been living in a dream. These guys are the real deal, and they’ve got their second EP “Afterglow” dropping in January. They’re backed by a grammy-award winning producer and a full live band. This is a rocketship waiting to take off, and the time is now to grab hold. Get to know Satchmode and their sound so when you see them at Coachella in a year and a half you won’t be one of those assclowns being like “Who is this?”. Trust me, I look like a pompous know-at-all at every festival I go to, but at least I know the fucking words, and you will too.


Bonus Track:

I hate remixes about 99% of the time, especially when they’re of songs I consider far too sacred to sacrilege with some power synth overtones. This is not one of those songs.